TulaAncient City of Mexico

Tula in Mexico (rentadeautosmexicodf)

  There is an exotic region in Mexico known as the city of Tula which became one of the country’s leading tourist spot. It is said that there found many evidence of the lost Atlantis. In the city of Tula visitors can be see directly sculptures of antlantean which is the oldest archaeological relic ever. The statues is a proof

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ROMAN FORUM (Taliansko)

Roman Forum

  Who is not know the Julius Caesar? The most popular of ancient Roman emperor who has conquer almost the whole of Europe to North Africa. Well if you have a plan to visit Rome, capital of Italy, then there is one place beside the Colosseum that you must visit, it is Roman Forum. In Italian Roman Forum called as

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Magnificent City of Gods in Athens (Greece)

Acropolis of Athens - Greece

  Greece is a magnificent country with thousand of famous historical stories. Have you ever heard about Zeus, Hercules, or the Poseidon? Greece is the place where the god’s legends was born. One of the ancient city that was established for the Greek gods are the Acropolis, the ancient city still keeping its grandeur and buildings from the past. kľúčové slová:

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