Shout, Cheer, and Laugh in EUROPA PARK – Largest Gamepark in Europe

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Europa Park is the largest Theme Park in Europe and its popularity ranks second after Disneyland Paris. Europa-Park is a very unique place and a visit thereto is an exciting experience that will never be forgotten.

Europa Park is located in the town of Rust, southwest Germany. Europa Park provides a variety of games both for children and adults, Because Europa Park is so great it is impossible to complete all the games in one day.

Europa Park is divided into 16 zones where some are named after European countries.

  1. Enchanted Forrest
  2. Kingdom of the Invisibles/Adventure Land – Arthur the Ride
  3. Children’s World or Viking Lands
  4. Germany – Elf Ride
  5. Russia – Euro Mir
  6. France – Silver Star dan Euro Sat
  7. Switzerland – Matterhorn Blitz
  8. Scandinavian
  9. Italy
  10. Portugal – Atlantica Super Splah
  11. Spain
  12. Greece – Poseidon
  13. The Netherlands
  14. England
  15. Austria – Alpenexpress
  16. Iceland – Wodan Timbur Coaster dan Blue Fire

Europa Park has 11 types of roller coaster. You can try each roller coaster rides, ranging from Alpenexpress roller coaster Mine Train that have a very high speed, up to Wodan, mini timber roller coaster suitable for children. For thrilling game enthusiasts, Silver Star becomes an interesting challenge because it is the second highest rollercoaster and fifth fastest in Europe.

Do not forget to bring spare clothes when visiting Europa Park because there are some rides that can make us wet. wear comfortable sandals that comfort to be used all day.

In addition to game park, Europa Park also has a campground, guest house and hotel. Stop by to Europa Park when you are on holiday to Germany.

Map to Europa Park

Pictures of Europa Park, Germany

Europa Park Arthur Minimoys Ride

Europa Park Arthur Minimoys Ride (


Extreme Ride in Europa Park

Extreme Ride in Europa Park (


Europapark Poseidon Ride

Europapark Poseidon Ride (


Bluefire Roller Coaster of Europa Park

Bluefire Roller Coaster of Europa Park (


Europa Park at Rust, Germany

Europa Park at Rust, Germany (

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