Secret Tips to Enjoy Nightlife at Gold Coast



Gold Coast is very popular for years as a clubbing destination for Queensland clubbers. People in Gold Coast is really lucky to have numerous destinations for a great night out. This article will hopefully provide you traveller some insight to the Gold Coast’s incredible nightlife and hopefully you can make wise decisions and have some great nights out while enjoying beautiful beaches at Gold Coast.

When the sun sets and the night comes doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop in Gold Coast. In fact, nightlife at Gold Coast is somehow being something waited by travelers.

As a center of clubbers, the Gold Coast offer extraordinary late night clubs and fashionable bars and Surf Clubs offering beautiful views with a nice cold glass of wine. Obviously it is depends on your personal taste to decide what sort of place you like to party at, but the following clubs have best reputation among clubbers :

  1. SIN CITY 22 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise
    2. CLUB LIV 26 Ground Floor, Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise
    3. VANITY : 26 Orchid Avenue Surfers Paradise
    4. PLATINUM 19 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
    5. LOVE NIGHTLIFE Niecon Plaza Basement, Albert Avenue, Broadbeach
    6. ALIVE 21 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise
    7. MELBAS ON THE PARK 46 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Every city has various ‘special’ night out. Gold Coast Sunday nights are one of the best and biggest time to having party of the week. If you are want to enjoy some unforgettable party at Gold Coast please come to the clubs at sunday night.

Important thing you should know about nightlife in Gold Coast is the ‘lockout law’. This basically means that at 03.00AM you are not allowed to enter (or re-enter) a nightclub. So lets say it’s 3:20AM and you go outside from club to get some fresh air or to make a phone call, then you cannot re-enter the club even if you already checked in earlier. Please be aware of this rule when you are enjoying nighlife in Gold Coast because there is nothing you can do to about that.

One another best ways to enjoy the Gold Coast nightlife in relatively cheap price is to head out on either a Wednesday or Saturday. Nightclubs like Surfers Paradise Beergarden offer Backpacker Night on Tuesday night with only about $5 for entry, whilst The Avenue (another popular club in Surfers Paradise) are good bets to dancecrazily.

To enjoy different atmosphere for a night, try to check out the Gold Coast’s live music performance Instead of listening a DJ mixing up tunes. enjoy the rhytm of live music and watch a band play music and perhaps discover a new favorite group.

If you are the one who prefer to enjoy quiter space, for example sipping a beer while chatting with a friend, then you can visit another clubs, like the Surfers Paradise Life Savings Club thich features Champions Bar with lots of beer on tap and a happy hour daily from 05:00-06:00 PM.

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