Pedraforca – ڪوھ پيمائي ۽ Catalonia جي قدرتي خوبصورتي (نعمت)


  Pedraforca is one of the iconic hiking sites in Catalonia. This mountain range is situated in Catalonia, اسپين. Hikers from all over the globe usually take advantage of accommodation in Barcelona before they hike this site. This hiking site is famous due to the breath-taking view of the surrounding area. The route to its summit is challenging, yet safe

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گهوڙي Bernat (اسپين), پٿر جي تاليف جي شخصيت Spire

گهوڙي Bernat

  If you are a nature photographer, you will appreciate the beauty of natural formation. Cavall Bernat is a famous photography spot located on the outskirts of Catalonia, اسپين. The natural rock formation of Cavall Bernat resembles a monolith spire on the mountain. Mountain range of Catalonia is not like any other. This monolith has become the icon of the

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چوٽيء Matagalls – قلبي جي قدرتي نظارن Mesmerizing


  Here comes another popular tourist destination in Spain, the summit of Matagalls. Actually, Matagalls is a part of famous mountainous in Northeast of Barcelona that is known as Sierra del Montsenny. Located not too far from sea, the Sierra del Montsenny becomes the most important massif among the Catalan Prelittoral Sierra and is known to be well marked mountain

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