Montjuic جادو آبشار جي Mesmerizing ڏسو

Montjuic جادو آبشار نظر (

  Visiting Barcelona, Spain will be an unforgettable experience. The place itself is packed with a great number of tourist attractions. One of the popular tourist attractions of Barcelona is Montjuic Magic Fountain. This tourist attraction in particular is located in Palau Nacional. The spot is between Placa d’Espanya and Poble Espanyol. The designer of this architectural beauty is Charles

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دلچسپي ۽ خريداري لاء دبئي ۾ چڱيء طرح جايون

ميتا Bazar وٽان دبئي

  دبئي, گڏيل عرب امارات ۾ هڪ شهر, پنهنجي موڪل جو خرچ ڪرڻ جي لاء چڱو موٽڻ جو ھنڌ آھي.. هن شهر ۾ ان جي جديد architectures سان سڃاتو به خريداري ڪري رهيا يا صرف دلچسپي گذارڻ لاء پسنديده جاء تي ٿيندو. ٺاهڻو, هن شهر ۾ رات جي به بهترين منظر مهيا ڪري. Here are some of the best places in Dubai you may know before going to there.

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