Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Playa del Carmen, ميڪسيڪو

playa del carmen beach

  Mexico has several tourist destinations with beautiful scenery and interesting attractions. One of them is Playe Del Carmen. This small fishing city is going into rapid development then turns into popular and luxury tourist attraction. Playa Del Carmen is located in eastern part of Mexico, near to Caribbean Sea. ٺاهڻو, it belongs to Solidaridad municipality. It is small city

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Cenang سامونڊي ڪناري, ملائيشيا - هنڌ ۽ سرگرميون ٿا ڪرڻ

Cenang سامونڊي ڪناري

  Langkawi جي ٻيٽ ۾ مصروف ترين ڪناري ڳوٺ جي طور تي ڪئي پئي وڃي, Cenang سامونڊي ڪناري, ملائيشيا قسمين قسمين ڪشش جي مڪمل جاء آهي, ريسٽورنٽ, شاپنگ سينٽر ۽ ڪيفي. صرف واقع 10 منٽ’ Langkawi ۾ هوائي اڏي کان بيوس, هن ڪناري ڳوٺ خاندانن ۽ honeymooners لاء مشهور موڪل جو ڏينهن منزل پئي ڪئي وئي آهي. The water is beautiful featuring white sands and transparent water with

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Travel Tips to Weh Island (Sumatera, انڊونيشيا)

Beauty of Weh Island (diariovasco)

  Weh Island (Indonesian: Pulau Weh, Local Tribe: Pulo Weh/Sabang ) is a small active volcanic island of the northwest Sumatra, located about 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh. Weh Island was originally connected to the Sumatra mainland and became separated after the volcano’s eruption attacks in the past.[1] The Weh island is precisely located in the Andaman

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