Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Playa del Carmen, ميڪسيڪو

playa del carmen beach

  Mexico has several tourist destinations with beautiful scenery and interesting attractions. One of them is Playe Del Carmen. This small fishing city is going into rapid development then turns into popular and luxury tourist attraction. Playa Del Carmen is located in eastern part of Mexico, near to Caribbean Sea. ٺاهڻو, it belongs to Solidaridad municipality. It is small city

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چڱي هنڌ جي گرم ۽ سستي تجربو لاء ڪرسمس لاء وڃڻ


  توهان کي هن سال هڪ تبديلي لاء هڪ گرم ڪرسمس خرچ ڪري پيا آهن? انهن جي سڀ کان سستي ڪرسمس موڪل جو ڏينهن منزلون ڊسمبر جي مهيني ۾ اهڙي هڪ گرم ۽ گرم موسم آهي ته مان ڪجهه آهن. چڱي هنڌ آمریڪا ۾ ڪرسمس لاء وڃڻ • پيوئرٽو Vallarta, Mexico Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has always

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5 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in U.S You Should Never Overlook

West Hollywood Carnival

  The USA celebrated Halloween since about 1850. The Irish immigrants brought the custom and since then, the Americans have been celebrating the dead in an overt and imaginative manner. Halloween activities include the trick-or-treat, attending a Halloween costume party, decorating, carving a pumpkin into a Jack-o’-Lantern, lit a big bonfire, witchcraft and apple bobbing, playing practical jokes, visiting haunted

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