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Switzerland is known as the Land of the Alps. Bordered by France, Germany, Italy and Austria, Switzerland provides the most stunning panoramic views of the Alps. Although it is a small country, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, it is not surprising why many tourists love to having holiday in Switzerland. There are many tourist attractions Switzerland, but this time the tourism-spot will tell you specifically about The Schilthorn.

Schilthorn is the highest peak in the Swiss Bernese Alps. Schilthorn located at an altitude of 2,970 meters above sea level and it is located above the village of Murren. Schilthorn covered by eternal snow that never melts, Schilthorn is a very exotic tourist spot.

The Schilthorn mountain snow panorama is extremely beautiful. From the Schilthorn if the weather is good then visitors can see the peak of Mount Titlis, Monch and Eiger. From the Schilthorn visitors also could see the peak of Jura mountain and the Black Forest.

On top of Schilthorn there is a restaurant called the Piz Gloria who became famous for James Bond movie titled “Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. In this film the scene nearly 20 percent taken in Alps, One is in the Piz Gloria restaurant. Piz Gloria restaurant offers amazing panoramic views. This restaurant can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

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View from schilthorn

View from schilthorn (swissrailways)



schilthorn (gimmelwald)


schilthorn of switzerland

schilthorn of switzerland (wikipedia)


Piz Gloria restaurant

Piz Gloria restaurant


Peak of Swiss Bernese Alps

Peak of Swiss Bernese Alps (wikipedia)

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