Schildergasse – 1st Most Favorite Shopping Area in Europe



Schildergasse is a pedestrian area in Köln (Cologne), Germany, and it is also the busiest shopping street in Europe. Schildergasse already exists since ancient Roman era, but it was started to opened for business purpose in the Middle Ages.

The Schildergasse pedestrian zone is very crowded and free of cars. Crowded pedestrian make the business grows. Schildergasse offers a variety of department stores in modern architecture.

In addition to clothing stores, you will easily find gallery of shoes, perfume, as well as the electronic stores. Among the shopping centers, There are two iconic buildings in Schildergasse. They are Antoniterkirche, the oldest Protestant church in Köln, and Weltstadthaus which is a mall that designed by Italian architect, Renzo Piano, which has shape like a whale.

Map to Schildergasse

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