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Scheveningen is a special district located in the city of The Hague. Scheveningen is the most popular seaside resorts in the Netherlands. The Beaches is perfect for those who want to sunbathe, and water sports enthusiasts.

In Scheveningen there are several beach resorts, they are: Boulevard Beach, Harbor beach, Northern beach, and Nude beach. Many restaurants and beach clubs make This area is very lively and a good recommendation for a visit.

Visiting The Beaches in Scheveningen is free, Please note that during weekends or in the summer most of the roads will be very crowded by tourists. The beaches in Scheveningen will very crowded during the summer, but in winter the beach will has less visitor.

Besides the beaches, Scheveningen offers many other form of entertainment, such as cinemas, theaters, casinos, museums, bowling arena, shopping centers, surf schools, sport events, as well as a number of unique restaurants, beach pavilions, etc. Moreover, in the area of ​​Scheveningen there also exist Madurodam. Madurodam is a miniature park that has various models of replicas of famous landmarks in Netherlands with a 1:25 scale.

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Scheveningen Beach

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Scheveningen in Netherlands

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Scheveningen Beach of Netherlands

Scheveningen Beach of Netherlands


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