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Sainte Chapelle complex located not far from Notre Dame Cathedral. It is best after visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, you drop in to La Sainte Chapelle and see the beauty of a typical building of the 13th century.

The form of the Sainte Chapelle’s building, will bring your imagination about Hogwarts and Harry Potter story. Sainte Chapelle is one of the oldest buildings in Europe whose architecture is pure gothic style, or the architects called as Rayonnant Gothic. There are two parts of chapel in this church: the main chapel used for kings and his families to worship. This chapel nuanced is so magnificent, with high ceilings and vertical ornaments typical of gothic style.

In French Revolution era (1789), Sainte Chapelle serve as parliament building and the prison for the nobles who will be punished by the revolutionary, where the defendants waiting for the day they will be executed by the guillotine. La Conciergerie complex is now used by the government as the office of the Ministry of Justice.

One thing that you should not miss in the Sainte Chapelle is statues of twelve apostles of Jesus and row of wonderful colored glasses that tell stories of the Old and New Testament. Glass which covers 600 m2 is mostly still original from the 13th century, while the rest was destroyed during the Revolution and World War II.

The Sainte Chapelle opened every day (except on national holidays) from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Entry ticket only costs 8 euros



Sainte Chapelle

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Sainte Chapelle Image

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Sainte Chapelle

Sainte Chapelle


Inside Sainte Chapelle (kenrockwell)

Inside Sainte Chapelle (kenrockwell)


Sainte Chapelle Ceiling

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Ornament of Sainte Chapelle

Ornament of Sainte Chapelle (wikipedia)


Sainte Chapelle Photo

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Sainte Chapelle Altar

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