Sagrada Familia Church (Barcelona) – Magnificent Masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi

Inside La Sagrada Familia


According to the survey by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism organization), Spain ranks third as the country most visited by foreign tourists. One of it’s favorite tourist destination city is Barcelona.

Barcelona is popular tourism destination between traveler, If you pay a visit to Barcelona, ​​one must-see tourist destination here is La Sagrada Familia.

Church Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia or usually just called as Sagrada Familia has become an tourism icon of the Barcelona just like the Eiffel tower in Paris. UNESCO also listed Sagrada Familia as one of the world heritage site since a few decades ago.

La Sagrada Familia is one of the masterpieces of world architecture which is very famous all over the world. Sagrada Familia is a church with an amazing and unique design. Lot of people assume that La Sagrada Familia is world’s most beautiful church Ever. This church is the work of an architect named Antoni Gaudi.

The Sagrada Familia church building adopt distinctive Gothic theme design and Nouveau art style. Gaudi was built This theme in a very strong Christian nuance at every corner. Each design details carefully processed and filled with high aesthetics value. Each column filled with gothic style sculptures, And so do the art reliefs on the wall, it appears very artistic. Beam of light that through the windows can change the church interior color in different glow: morning, afternoon or evening depends on the intensity of incoming light.

Although very crowded by tourists, the atmosphere inside Sagrada Familia is very quiet and religious. Visitors can feel peace and enjoy the beautiful decoration of each room in this heavenly building. In the corner there is also a special museum for the visitors who want to learn briefly about philosophy of Gaudi’s architecture

Please note that the Sagrada Familia is a church that the construction process still in process until now, Though the church first development has been started since 1882, Maybe this is a work of architectural art which has the longest construction process period in history. Delays in the construction of this church can not be separated from the sudden death of the architect Gaudi who died in an accident.

The construction of the Sagrada Familia church is expected to be completed in the upcoming 2026, Until now the cathedral has been completed about 65 percent. Although the construction project still unfinished, Sagrada Familia already managed to attract a lot of attention of tourists visiting Barcelona. La Sagrada Familia able to become the most favorit tourism spot in Barcelona which visited by about 3 million visitors each year.

The Sagrada Familia Church which located at Calle Mallorca, Barcelona is never empty of visitors every day. For those of you who planning a visit to Barcelona, ​​It will be unforgetable moment to visit La Sagrada Familia and see the grandeur of Antoni Gaudi’s  art work.

Notes: Sagrada Familia Opened to the public everyday from 09:00 until 19:00.

Map to Sagrada Familia

Video About Sagrada Familia

Pictures of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

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