AdventurelandBest Amusement Park of New York

Roller Coaster of Adventureland

  Adventureland amusement park is located at 2245 Broad Hollow Road, Нью-Йорк. The location is not too far from the city center, it only takes 30 minutes to get there. Adventureland consists of more than 100 games. Some of the most exciting games in Adventureland is Bumper Cars, Frisbee, Ghost House, Hurricane Coaster, Music Express, Pirates Ship, and many


Крик, Ура, и смеяться в EUROPA PARK – Крупнейший Gamepark в Европе

Европа-парк плакат

  Europa Park is the largest Theme Park in Europe and its popularity ranks second after Disneyland Paris. Европа-парк очень уникальное место и визит к нему захватывающий опыт, который никогда не будет забыт. Europa Park is located in the town of Rust, Юго-Западная Германия. Europa Park предоставляет различные игры как для детей и взрослых,


Лондонский глаз – Самая популярная туристическая достопримечательность Англии

Лондонский глаз ночью

  London Eye is one of the most sought after tourist attraction by people around the world who come to London, Англия. London Eye is 135 meters Ferris wheel. The icon of the city of London stands at strategic location in London, Jubilee Garden, close to Big Ben and located right on the banks of the river Thames. Ключевые слова: london