Опыт заманчивые танец Гион, Япония


  С давно, Gion had appeared as one of the most exclusive and important districts in the city of Kyoto. Он был построен как город для размещения людей, которые посещают храм Ясака. Район сам завоевал свою популярность из старой культуры гейши производительности, которая сохраняется из поколения в поколение. District of Culture


ALHAMBRAIncredible Islamic Architecture in Spain

Workart of Alhambra (playgranada)

  Alhambra is an incredible place that become one of Spain’s best tourist attractions, Alhambra is very popular for its Islamic architecture and artful mosaics. The name Alhambra in English means “the red oneand refers to the color of the mountain where it is built. Alhambra has two great entrance doors, on the north side called the “Puerta de

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