EdensorBeautiful Inspirational Village in England

Edensor Village of England

  Edensor este un mic sat din Derbyshire, Anglia. This village is the nearby village of Chatsworth House.Edensor pronounced by the British themselves with the word “Enzorinstead of “Edensor”. The village is popular among Indonesian people because the village is so praised in a famous novel written by Andrea Hirata. Edensor, truly heavenly place with charm that can brings

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Exotismul violet câmpurilor lavanda din Provence (Franţa)

Peisaj frumos de Provence câmp de lavanda - Franţa

  Visiting France does not mean must to spend time in the city of Paris. Partea romantica din această ţară, de asemenea, vine din mediul rural. One of them comes from the Provence area, which is located in southeast France. cuvinte cheie: provence france,cara ke kebun lavender di provence perancis,image provence france,levandu laukai prancuzijoje,Maana mmea lavender,melihat lavender di valensole,Provence Lavender,soul city

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Coasta Amalfi (Italia) – Most Beautiful Coastlines In The Universe

Positano Village at Sunset (Sursa: amalficoast-italy.com)

  Coasta Amalfi (Costiera Amalfitana) este o zonă de coastă imens pe coasta de Sud a peninsulei Sorrentine, în provincia Salerno (Sudul Italiei). Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination in Italy. Bill Pitzer in Geoweek column (from The New York Times Syndicate) refer Amalfi Coast as “one of the most beautiful coastlines in the universe“ cuvinte cheie: positano,ኢፒክ ቲያትር

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