Moai Statues (martinjclemens.com)

  Have you seen the picture of giant stone statues in the form of a human face, spread over vast land? It name is Maoi, which is the witness of the richness of Polynesian culture 400 years BC. hundreds of Maoi stand in a remote island in the middle of Pacific Ocean called Easter Island. keywords: रहस्यमय द्वीप,estarisland में प्रतिमा,jadui

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Stonehenge – Mysterious Ancient Building on Beautiful Landscape


  England has some of the destinations that are very interesting to visit, one of the most famous is Stonehenge. If you ever see a wallpaper from your PC in the form of arranged large stones that form a circle, that is Stonehenge. keywords: ano ang stonehenge,stonehenge ka rahasya,Stonehenge туралы ағылшынша аудармасымен,stonehenze ka rahasya,stonhenj ka rahsya

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Potala Palace – Pearl on The Roof of The World

Potala Palace - Iconic Building of Tibet

  Potala Palace is an iconic building of Tibet and also one of the most popular tourist attraction in China. Potala Palace was awarded as one of the site that listed in the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1994. keywords: potala,Palace,potala palast,दलाई लामा तिबेट राजवाडा,1000 ghambo ka mahal kaha he,potala bilder,potala castle,World famous spot,አማዞን ደን

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St.Anne Church (Jerusalem) – A Religious Visit

Santa Anna (ticktab.com)

  Church of Santa Anne well-known as a place where the Virgin Mary was born. Entering Church of Santa Anne will make every visitors amazed for its huge size, uniqueness and it’s beauty. keywords: यारूसलेम चारच,gereja st anne yerusalem,rumah kuno di yerusalem,yerushalem चर्च,জেরুসালেমের পুরনো নগর,聖安娜教堂耶路撒冷

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