Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya (India)

Living Root Bridges of Meghalay

  Next to the northeast side of India there is a very dense rain forest and it is said to have the richest biodiversity in Asia. A variety of unique plants grow here, one which is the Ficus Elastica, which is a natural substance forming living root bridge in Meghalaya. keywords: indian akidar,meghalay turizam,meghalaya hausa place,जड़ का पुल कहा है

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Santorini (Greece) – Romantic Destination That Must Be Visited by All Couple

Beautiful Scenery of Greece - Santorini (

  Greece is one of the most favorite country for world-class tourism. Greece located near the blue waters of Aegean Sea which is a home for few most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the most beautiful sights and most visited place in Greece is Santorini. keywords: সান্তরিনি,amazing holiday places,bentuk kota santorini,santorini yunani,wanandoa ugiriki,यूनान गंतव्य

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