Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya (India)

Living Root Bridges of Meghalay

  Next to the northeast side of India there is a very dense rain forest and it is said to have the richest biodiversity in Asia. A variety of unique plants grow here, one which is the Ficus Elastica, which is a natural substance forming living root bridge in Meghalaya. keywords: மேகாலயா சுற்றுலா,living root bridges,লিভিং রুট ব্রিজ

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Pangong – Super Beautiful Lake of 3 Idiots Movie (India)

Pangong Tso Between Mountainous Area

  India is a special country that rich with its natural attractions. there are many places you can visit if you’re in this 3rd most populous countries in the world, one of which is the Pangong Lake. keywords: 3 ইডিয়টস,senri walpapar,walpaparkasmir,पहाड़ी scenery,ইডিয়ট ফিল্ম,बेहतर झील,pegunungan 3 idiots india,lake in 3 idiots,dimanakah tasik istana india,3 idiots movie lake,3 idiot movie scenery hd,সবচেয়ে

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Largest and Most Incredible Sunflower Field – Tuscany (Italy)

Sunflowers Field in Beautiful Bright Day

  Located in central Italy, Tuscany is a very beautiful place to visit. Actualy there are lot of amazing natural landscapes that can attracts visitors from many region, both local or international tourist. but, today will show you the most beautfiful one: The SunFlower Field of Tuscany (read also: Keukenhof – Paradise of Tulip Flowers). keywords: sunflower,sunflowers,sunflower fields,tuscan italy

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