Wildlife Vacation in Penang National Park (Malaysia)

Malaysian tortoise at Penang National Park (source: lh5.com)

  Pinang or Penang Islang is a state of Malaysia which lies on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Although included in the list of the smallest state, Pinang Islang actually said as the the most advanced and richest state in Malaysia. keywords: ペナン国立公園シロハラウミワシ,ペナンのシロハラウミワシ,map of penang national park,Namun daji amerika,nocyada sagarada,penang nationalpark,some pictures of dewalogam,Tasveer Normandy ka,ペナン国立公園

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Fantastic View of Red Lagoon – Laguna Colorada (Bolivia)

Red water laguna (source: us-east.manta.joyent.com)

  In Sur Lipez, Bolivia there is a lagoon that has a superb view. It name is Laguna Colorada or also known as the red lagoon. The Lagoon located near the Chile’s border, and it is a world’s most unique lagoon that exist naturally. keywords: laguna colorada,レッドラグーン ボリビア,रेड लैगूंन झील क्या हैं,den røde lagune,ZIWA NYEKUNDU,बोलीविया लाल लैगून,रैड लैगून बोलीविया

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