Pangong – Super Beautiful Lake of 3 Idiots Movie (India)

Pangong Tso Between Mountainous Area

  India is a special country that rich with its natural attractions. there are many places you can visit if you’re in this 3rd most populous countries in the world, one of which is the Pangong Lake. keywords: 3 ইডিয়টস,walpaparkasmir,पहाड़ी scenery,সবচেয়ে সুপার সিনারী,ইডিয়ট ফিল্ম,बेहतर झील,पैंगांग wiki,scenes of pangong lake,lake in 3 idiots,film india bodoh,dimanakah tasik istana india,danau air biru di

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Santorini (Greece) – Romantic Destination That Must Be Visited by All Couple

Beautiful Scenery of Greece - Santorini (

  Greece is one of the most favorite country for world-class tourism. Greece located near the blue waters of Aegean Sea which is a home for few most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the most beautiful sights and most visited place in Greece is Santorini. keywords: সান্তরিনি,santorini yunani,wanandoa ugiriki,यूनान गंतव्य

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