Nice – Beautiful Coast City of France

Scenery of Nice, France

  French beauty not only depends on Eiffel Tower and it’s fashion world. Try to move to the south side of French and you will be amazed with a beautiful small town called nice. keywords: nice france beach,nice photo,Stad in frankryk,फ्रांस का बोजोल शहर,kota france,pantai prancis,suasana pantai di perancis,फ्रांस के शहर

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Buen Retiro Park – Most Beautiful Park in Madrid (Spain)

Monumento a Alfonso XII de Espa of Buen Retiro Park (source: wikipedia)

  Buen Retiro Park, also known as the Parque del Buen Retiro or El Retiro. El Retiro is a huge beautiful park in the city of Madrid, Spain. This is a beautiful park filled with a variety of artistic statues and monuments as well as a gallery and quiet lake. keywords: የፍቅር ምስሎች,باركيه ديل ريتيرو,معلومات عن حديقة ريتيرو مدريد,የፍቅር ልቦለድ,エルレティロ公園,マドリードのブエン・レティーロ

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Amazing Santiago Bernabeu Stadium – Tour Experience

Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid Aerial View

  For football lovers, the name of the city of Madrid certainly remind a football team Real Madrid and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This time we will not talk about football but about the tour at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Which is so popular as the world’s greatest stadium. keywords: santiago bernabeu,santiago bernabeu stadium,bernabeu stadium,سانتياغو برنابيو,bernabeu stadion,santiago bernabeu umbau stadion,estadio santiago bernabeu von

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Delft – Old City of Blue Pottery (Netherlands)

Delft of Netherlands

  Delft is an old city that could be an alternative for one day trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam when you go travel to Netherlands. Delft is not too large city, the object of city icons can be visited in one day on foot. keywords: delft netherlands,bilder delft holland,grad delft nizozemska,grad delft nizozemska rijeka,keramika holandsko,mobil mustang terbaru,керамика холандия

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