Versailles (Paris) – World’s Most Beautiful Garden and Palace Ever

The Palace of France (source:

  Chateu de Versailles or Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Paris. The magnificent palace of Versailles was the work of one and a half century commissioned by the French kings to their famous artists. Versailles was the main residence of the French kings from Louis XIV to Louis XVI (1682-1789). keywords: versailles gardens,versailles

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Mont Saint Michel (France) – Most Magnificent Castle in The World

Mont Saint Michel at Night (source:

  Mont Saint Michel is a very beautiful castle located on a coral island named Lower Normandy, France. This spectacular building visited by 3 million tourists annually, Le Mont Saint Michel ranks second most visited tourist destination after the city of Paris. keywords: mont st michel,saint michel france,st michel france,mont st michel france,Mont Saint Michel France,france mont saint michel,jalan ke

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Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

Green Tunnel of Love (source:

  There are many buildings and tourist attractions claimed as most romantic place in the world. If India have Taj Mahal, Paris called as city of love, then Ukraine has a tunnel of love. keywords: tunnel of love,tunnel of love ukraine,couple of love Ukraine,tunnel of love couple images kissing

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