Earth always have amazing miracles. One of them is located in the second largest freshwater lake in Patagonia, Chile. Here, The Wonder of the world have exists as a cave, amazing cave called the Marble Cave. keywords: ek gufa sangmarmarki,goa marmer chile,mermer mağaraları sili hakkında bilgi,trmarble com,مغارة من الرخام في الشيلي,மார்பல்

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Eisriesenwelt Exotic Largest Ice Cave in The World

Visitor in Eisriesenwelt Cave

  Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world with a length more than 42 km located in Werfen, Austria. The ice cave in has become one of the dream destinations among foreign tourists. keywords: eisriesenwelt cave,बरफ की दनीया,பெரிய பனி,inside the eisriesenwelt,sabse bada world cave

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Ajanta (India) – Incredible Caves of Buddhist Monks

Inside Ajanta Cave

  Located in India, Cave Rock of Ajanta is unique compared to other caves around the world. This cave was built as a symbol and witness the civilized world in the second century BC. This cave believed to be built because of the influence of Chinese Buddhist teachings brought by the monks. keywords: অজন্তা,Ajanta temple image,ভারতের গুহাচিত্র,ajantha caves,ajanta caves tagalog,অজন্তা

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