BRAN CASTLE (Transylvania) – Kingdom of Dracula

Bran Castle at Night

  Hearing the word ‘vampire’ makes some people frightened. Myths about the fanged creature often presented as a blood-sucker in films. Until now, the mystery of the existence of vampires is confusing, some believe that vampire does not exist, and only a legend. keywords: ट्रांसिल्वेनिया,castle,वाडा चित्रे,रोमानिया स्थित ड्रैकुला,vampire castle of transylvania,Transylveniya ki daravani rat,romanian pishach vlad ki kahani,kastil dracula for

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Kilkenny Castle – Beautiful Heritage of Ireland

Kilkenny Castle

  Kilkenny is an old amazing town that has a lot of cultural tourism which is maintained in good condition until now. The city has various cathedrals, castles, monasteries, and other large stone buildings that very charming. If you have a visit to Kilkenny, one place that you should not miss to visit is Kilkenny Castle. keywords: ปราสาท ในไอร์แลนด,আয়ারল্যান্ডের ছিনারি,আয়ারল্যান্ডের

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Neuschwanstein – Magnificent Castle Like in Fairy Tales (Germany)

Neuschwanstein Castle at Winter

  Have you ever imagine how majestic is the castle in fairy tales?, like the one in Beauty and the Beast animation movie you can find it in real world. Castle of Fairy tale, Neuschwanstein Schloss Can be found in the city of Fussen, Hohenschwangau, southern Germany. keywords: Neuschwanstein Castle,schloss neuschwanstein winter,neuschwanstein castle germany,Neuschwanstein im Winter,ドイツ 景色,schwanstein castle,कहानी परियों की,परी

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