Pillars inside Karnak Temple

  Luxor, could be the most famous tourist city in Egypt. There are so many temples can be seen. One of the biggest is Karnak temple. We came here after traveling from Victoria Falls – the most famous river in Africa: Aswan to Luxor using a ship down the river Nile, Nile Cruize. keywords: karnak temple,qadimgi misr xudolari,misr xudolari,कार्नाक का मन्दिर,sejarah

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Liberty Statue (U.S) – Symbol of Freedom

Statue of Liberty in U.S

  Your visit to the United States is not complete if you not yet see the Statue of Liberty. The Real name of this statue is Liberty Enlightening the World. Liberty is a giant statue (46 meters in hegiht) which is a symbol of welcome to immigrants and Americans that returning to their land. keywords: प्रतिमा की स्वतंत्रता,sanamu ya marekani,स्वतंत्रता इतिहास

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Museum Louvre (Paris) – Home of Monalisa


  Museum Louvre or Musee Du Louvre (france language) is the most famous and also the most visited museum in the world. This museum become increasingly popular since Dan brown’s book Da Vinci code was published. keywords: venera haykali,Monalisa urop sangralay,monalisa which sangralay,nopolion haykali uzunligi,patung yang ada di louvre,perish sangrahalay loobre,पेरिस के संग्रहालय

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Best Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan

Kiyomizu Temple

  Kyoto is a beautiful little city surrounded vegetation and mountain, This city considered as heart of culture of Japanese. Kyoto is popular among the tourist as most favourite tourist destination because it has many historycal buildings of ancient Japan. We recommend you to visit Kyoto when spring or fall because at that moments you will see amazing scenery of

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