Unforgettable Trip to Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Sunset

  Taj Mahal is one of the most famous tourist attraction in India and even in the World. Taj Mahal was once one of the seven wonders of the world, in addition Taj Mahal crowned as a world heritage site by UNESCO. keywords: taj mahal malam hari,aagera ke tage malal com,Тадж Махал кызыктуу маалымат,taj mahal wallpaper malam hari,taj mahal landscape,sanset di

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Delft – Old City of Blue Pottery (Netherlands)

Delft of Netherlands

  Delft is an old city that could be an alternative for one day trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam when you go travel to Netherlands. Delft is not too large city, the object of city icons can be visited in one day on foot. keywords: delft netherlands,bilder delft holland,grad delft nizozemska,grad delft nizozemska rijeka,keramika holandsko,mobil mustang terbaru,керамика холандия

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5 Must Visited Tourist Attractions in Spain

Real Palacio Building

  Spain is one of the most favourite country for holiday. Spain have lot of incredible tourist attractions, not only popular for it “matador” and flamenco bailaors (dance) this country also offer natural beauty and uniqueness of buildings. below tourism-spot.com giving you list of 5 Best Tourist Attraction in Spain : keywords: al hamra palace history,സ്പെയിൻ ചരിത്രം,neeg arbisn,neeg spain,sepanyol destinasi,spain

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Pillars inside Karnak Temple

  Luxor, could be the most famous tourist city in Egypt. There are so many temples can be seen. One of the biggest is Karnak temple. We came here after traveling from Victoria Falls – the most famous river in Africa: Aswan to Luxor using a ship down the river Nile, Nile Cruize. keywords: karnak temple,misr xudolari,qadimgi misr xudolari,karnak temple images,temple

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