Dolphins of Lovina Beach

  Traveling to the Bali island is not only about Sanur or Kuta Beach, There also a lovely place to visit called Lovina Beach. Lovina is a beautiful beach in Bali which has main attraction dolphins that live naturally and appear every day. Dolphin appear in the morning starting at 6am until approximately 9am. Lovina beach as habitat where dolphins

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Lake Beratan, Bedugul

  In Bali, there is a fairly well-known attraction called Lake Beratan. The lake is also called as Lake Bedugul because it is located in ​​Bedugul Area, precisely in the Village Candikuning Baturiti of Tabanan regency, Approximately 55 km from the city of Denpasar. Lake Beratan is well known as one of the best tourist destinations in Bali, Almost every day

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padang-padang Beach of Bali

  For those of you who often traveled to Bali, Kuta beach is probably too often to visit, and of course you want an alternative beaches in Bali. One of the best beaches to visit in Bali is the beach of Padang-Padang. Padang Padang Beach in Bali, also known by the name of the Labuan Sait Beach, is a popular

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TANAH LOT – Wonderful Destination in Bali

Tanah Lot Temple

  Tanah Lot is a religious tourism spot which is famous for its beautiful beaches panorama. Tanah Lot is located in the village of Beraban, district of Kediri District Tabanan, on the southern coast of the Bali island, approximately 25 kilometers from Denpasar. Tanah Lot is a Hindu religious shrine that has a very beautiful extraordinary scenery. In Tanah Lot

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