Raja Ampat, A Must Visit Place in Indonesia

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Raja Ampat is very famous for its underwater scenery. It is one of the best locations for diving. If you are a diver or just nature lovers, this place must be included in your travel destinations for next year. Raja Ampat means Four Kings in English. It has very rich marine life, reefs, and corals. Consists of more than a thousand small islands, the place offers the pleasures of enjoying the archipelago scenery that cannot be found in other places.


The diversity of the marine life in Raja Ampat is amazing. There are more than three thousand species of fish and corals. Many scientists from around the world still travel there to find new discoveries in the ocean. The place is still natural because it is located in a remote area and rarely visited by people. Wayag Island is recommended for you if you want to get a good view of the archipelago. It is only three hours from Waisai. However, getting to the top of Wayag Island is not an easy job. You need to climb a hill to get the best view. So, it is better for you to prepare the time and energy needed before you go to the place.

Diving in Raja Ampat

Cape Kri is a must visit place is you are a diver. It is easy to reach by boat from Kri Island. The corals are massive. They are colorful and easy to see even from the surface of the sea. The diversity in Cape Kri will make anyone amazed. You can spend a week there to dive and you will find different experiences on each day. You may see many little fish in one day and then you encounter a big turtle or a reef shark on the next day. However, you have to be more careful there because the currents are quite strong.

As a must visit place in Indonesia, Raja Ampat offers more than thirty diving location which you can choose to spend your holiday. Other than Cape Kri, you can visit Manta Sandy, Sardines, and Mios Kon which are also famous diving locations. If you cannot dive yet, you can try snorkeling to the shallow area, exploring the archipelago, or visiting the paradise of red bird. You can also see traditional Papua Villages and try some of their customs like making wood sculptures or traditional fishing techniques. The locals also have traditional music instruments which can be played when you come there. You can also buy it as a souvenir.

How to get there?

The best time to visit Raja Ampat is during the dry season. Indonesia only has two seasons, wet and dry. So, you have about six months of good weather to visit the place. To reach the place, you need to take a flight to Jakarta, Bali, or Surabaya. Then you continue by using local flight to Sorong, West Papua. You can take a speed boat or a long boat from Sorong to Waisai or other islands. You do not need to worry about the place to stay because there are a lot of resorts that offers a comfortable room at affordable prices.

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Pictures of Raja Ampat, Papua

raja ampat papua

raja ampat papua


raja ampat papua

raja ampat papua




raja ampat papua - rayfish

raja ampat papua – rayfish


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