Prague Castle – World’s Largest and Scariest Castle Ever

Prague Castle - Prague Cathedral


The beauty of Prague is indeed attract so many tourists to come to this city every year. Prague is one of the most popular tourist destination in Europe. When visit this town we can see there are many foreign tourists from all over Europe come to enjoy the beauty of Prague. One most beautiful and famous place in the city of Prague is the ‘Prague Castle’. From a distance its looks like Hogwarts that we can see in the Harry Potter films. The building is so large, with blackish gray color due to age.

Prague castle or in the local language called Prazsky hrad is a castle that listed in the first place as the Castle with the largest complex in the world. The area of ​​the castle is 70,000 square meters, it’s about the size of seven football fields.

Prague Castle is a castle complex consisting of several buildings such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St. George, Golden Lane, Powder Tower, and Rosenberg Palace. This place is located on a hill, this very strategic spot to get a beautiful view of Prague. Visitors also welcome to enter the buildings here.

Prague Castle was built along the Vltava River. The building is an architectural blend of Gothic, Roman, Baroque, and Renaissance. The center is the Cathedral of St. Vitus, it is the most important cathedral in the Czech Republic. St. Vitus Cathedral is probably the most special place in the Prague castle complex. Its gothic nuanced buildings, very old, tough and creepy. This cathedral very special charm. black colored, plus statues of demons adds scary impression.

This Prague castle was once home to the kings of Bohemia, the Roman emperor, and the president of the Czech Republic for over a thousand years. It is said that in one of the castle there are hidden Bohemian Crown Jewels.

Map to Prague Castle, Czech

Pictures of Amazing Prague Castle

Prague Castle Entrance

Prague Castle Entrance (


Prague Castle of Czech Republic

Prague Castle of Czech Republic (


Prague Castle at Night

Prague Castle at Night (


Prague Castle - Prague Cathedral

Prague Castle – Prague Cathedral (


St Vitus Cathedral Ceiling

St Vitus Cathedral Ceiling


Chapel of St.Vitus

Chapel of St.Vitus (


Backside of St Vitus Cathedral

Backside of St Vitus Cathedral (


St Vitus Front Side

St Vitus Front Side (


Decoration of St.Vitus Cathedral

Decoration of St.Vitus Cathedral


Decoration of St.Vitus Cathedral

Decoration of St.Vitus Cathedral


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