Playing with Giant Panda at China’s Largest Zoo (Beijing)

Beijing Zoo Panda


Panda is one of the endemic animals of Chinese and can only be seen in this country, not all zoos in the world has panda. One of the best places to see exotic animals Panda is visit the Beijing Zoo.

Beijing Zoo Located in Xicheng District, Beijing Zoo is the first zoo opened in China. in the beginning the establishment of Republic of China, the zoo is known as the Western Suburbs Park (Xijiao Gongyuan). Beijing Zoo has an area of ​​90 hectares ranks first as China’s largest zoo

Beijing Zoo is a very large place, there are about 3 lakes where you can ride on a small boat. you also do not need to worry of hunger because there are plenty of restaurants inside. Beijing Zoo divided to 16 areas in accordance with the theme of animals displayed, The most popular is the Panda Hall.

Total animals in Beijing Zoo is about 15,000 ranging from 470 species of land mammals and over 500 species of marine animals. The most prominent and most popular animal in this place certainly is The Giant Panda. In addition, some of most popular animals among visitors are rare animals of China like the golden monkey, and east sea tiger.

Map to Beijing Zoo

Animals Inside Beijing Zoo

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