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Scenery of Greece


Are you planning to have a holiday in Europe? Take a look at Greece. Greece has a beautiful nature and rich in culture and myths. Now you can enjoy vacation package to Greece at very low price.

After visiting Spain last week i go to Greece, everything in Greece feels cheaper if compared to other European countries, including accommodation. Even in the Greek Islands we managed to get cheap accommodation after we heard everything in Santorini is expensive. It seems the lessons learned is not to visit during the peak season where hotels were full and very expensive. my visit to Greece is on October 2013 while winter.

Accommodation cost in Greece is quite low. In Greece you do not have to worry about the cost of accommodation except you really want to stay in villas on the side of a cliff in Santorini during high season.

Beach in Greece

Beach in Greece

In Athens I used metro for transportation, the price also cheap, ranged between $20-$21 per person. In Santorini I also ride the local bus at a rate of between $2.5-$3.5 per person. Even going by train from Thessaloniki to Athens for distance 500 km cost only $50 per person.

The Food in Greece is very tasty. not only good at taste the price is very cheap, especially when purchased in small kiosks selling Greek special food.

Cheap Culinary in Greece

Cheap Culinary in Greece

I am not much paying for the cost for tourist activity in Greece. I also rent a motorcycle for one day to explore city of Paros which became one of the funniest activitiy must be done in the island.

Here are my expenses during a vacation in Greece. In the list not included the cost of transportation to and from Greece. :

Date Price (€) Category Comment
23-Oct 3.00 Accommodation Hostel booking fee
23-Oct 69.40 Transport Train Thessaloniki – Athens
25-Oct 27.00 Accommodation Hotel Thessaloniki
25-Oct 1.60 Transport Bus
26-Oct 4.60 Food Cakes
26-Oct 0.80 Food Water
26-Oct 5.00 Food Gyros
26-Oc 15.10 Food Groceries
26-Oct 8.80 Food Lunch
26-Oct 2.60 Food Breakfast
27-Oct 8.80 Miscellaneous Stamps
27-Oc 2.80 Transport Metro
27-Oct 1.60 Miscellaneous Postcards
27-Oct 23.00 Food Lunch
27-Oct 5.00 Food Yogurt
27-Oct 5.10 Food Dinner
28-Oct 55.22 Accommodation Accommodation Athens
28-Oct 6.28 Food Bekal
28-Oct 2.50 Food Coffee
28-Oct 75.00 Transport Ferry to Santorini
28-Oct 29.00 Food Dinner
29-Oct 4.40 Transport Bus from Santorini port
29-Oct 3.20 Transport Bus to fenikia
29-Oct 11.20 Food Bakery lunch
29-Oct 11.10 Food Dinner
30-Oct 60.00 Accommodation Accom Santorini
30-Oct 8.60 Food Lunch
30-Oct 3.20 Transport Bus
30-Oct 4.40 Transport Bus
30-Oct 41.00 Transport Ferry to Paros
30-Oct 13.60 Food Dinner
31-Oct 18.00 Food Bekal
31-Oct 10.00 Activities Bike rental
31-Oct 9.00 Activities Fuel
31-Oct 3.60 Accommodation Hotel booking fee
31-Oct 10.00 Food Lunch
31-Oct 43.20 Accommodation Hotel Paros
31-Oct 20.00 Food Dinner
1-Nov 65.00 Transport Ferry to Athens
1-Nov 5.80 Food Lunch
1-Nov 1.30 Food Coffee
1-Nov 0.30 Miscellaneous Post card
1-Nov 1.60 Miscellaneous Stamps
1-Nov 2.40 Transport Metro
1-Nov 2.50 Food Cake
1-Nov 5.60 Food Dinner
1-Nov 2.50 Food Dessert
1-Nov 26.40 Accommodation Hotel Athens
Total 740

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