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For all football or rugby fans, Parc des Princes stadium in paris is a place you must visit. The stadium is Paris Saint-Germain football club’s home base since 1974, and was initially French football and rugby national teams’ home stadium, before France’s new national stadium Stade de France opened. This stadium holds a category four rating from the UEFA, which means that it can hold big UEFA competitions. The current stadium is the third one to stand on the site, after twice of rebuilding.


The Home Stadium of Paris Saint-Germain

The Parc des Princes, which means Prince’s Park, got its name from its historical site, which used to be a hunting ground for the royal family. After the royal family’s fall, the ground became a velodrome with the same name, in the late 19th century. Cycling was a very popular sport at that time and Parc des Princes was the main venue for it. The stadium was the finishing line for Tour de France cycling competition from 1903 until 1967. Parc des Princes also started to become a venue hosting football matches starting 1903. In 1932, the stadium was opened again after a big renovation that revamped its seats and also facilities. It continued to hold big football championships, including the 1938 FIFA World Cup, and 1960 and 1964 UEFA European Championships. In 1965, a nearby bypass infrastructure building caused the need to redesign the stadium.

The current Parc des Princes is a stadium designed by Roger Taillibert, an architect that has experience in designing the Montreal Olympic Stadium in Canada. The stadium is considered a unique architecture piece today because of its unique concrete structure resembling razors from the exterior. The stadium also was the first stadium to have its lighting integrated with the building, and still praised for its good acoustic design until today.

Recent renovation saw the completion of more rows of seating to add extra capacity and a closer view of the matches. Extra facilities like information screens, new state of the art toilet rooms, restaurants, outlets and WIFI facility will ensure the quality of your experience there. The luxurious VIP lounges offer quality services and privacy that are accessible if you purchase premium packages. The sport complex also has an official store for the Paris Saint-Germain if you are interested in the club’s merchanidses.

If you want a guided tour of Parc des Princes stadium, you need to contact for its availability. The tours usually lasts an hour, with maximum of 80 people per tour, and costs €10 per person, complementary 50% discount for season ticket holders, groups, people under the of 18, and students. The stadium can be accessed from both 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud, or 20 Avenue du Parc des Princess by Metro Line 9 and 10, buses of line 22, 62, 72, 32, and 52. Going there by car is not recommended as parking spots are limited. Game ticket prices ranges from €25 to almost €600, according to the seats’ position with season tickets available starting from €450.

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parc des princes – 5


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