Pantheon – Eternal Ancient Temple of Rome

Pantheon and The Obelisk


Beside the function as a capital city, Rome also the center of Italian tourism and have a lot of interesting places. One of the best tourism spot of Rome is a temple called Pantheon.

If you ever watched the movie by Tom Hanks called Angels and Demons Then you surely know this place. Pantheon is the most unique landmarks in Rome (Read Also: St. Peter’s Basilica – World’s Most Beautiful Church). The building is 2,000 years old and you can visit here for free.

Pantheon name comes from Greek words meaning house of all gods. Pantheon was once a temple which turned into a Catholic church by the people of Rome. This building amaze tourists for its very beautiful architecture. With a circular shape and a triangular roof, the building also has many pillars in the front yard.

Pantheon is a witness of Roman Empire greatness at the time. The Pantheon was built by Emperor Adriano in the years between 118 – 125 AD. The building was transformed into a church in the year 609 with the name Santa Maria ad Martyrs.

Architecture outside and inside the Pantheon is very beautiful and detailed, if you get into the Pantheon there is a large dome where on its top there is a hole for sunlight to enter. Until now relics of the ancient Roman Pantheon building condition is still good and worthy to be said as one of the most unique buildings in the world.

Map to Pantheon

Pictures of Pantheon

Pantheon Front Side

Pantheon Front Side (


Pantheon of Rome at Night

Pantheon of Rome at Night (


Beautiful Pantheon Building of Rome

Beautiful Pantheon Building of Rome (


Rome Pantheon

Rome Pantheon (


Pantheon and The Obelisk

Pantheon and The Obelisk (


Inside Pantheon of Rome

Inside Pantheon of Rome (


Tourists inside Pantheon

Tourists inside Pantheon (


Inside Panteon Temple of Rome

Inside Panteon Temple of Rome (


Sunlight Pass Through Dome of Pantheon

Sunlight Pass Through Dome of Pantheon (


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