Olympia Park – Triumph of German Sports (Berlin)



GERMANY is one of the superior countries in the sports. The triumph of German sports is not only seen on their athlete’s performance in sports events like Olympics or World Cup. They have other interesting side that help their success in sport, that is their stadiums, one of the legendary stadium of Germany is the Olympia Stadium in Berlin.

Despite has ancient impressive because of its building materials, The Olympia stadium is categorized as one of the elite stadium in Europe. The facilities built is so complete and very well-maintained, from the stands the audience, VIP room (where the VIP guests invited), a dressing room for athletes, heating room, press conference room, and also pool for athletes.

Olympia stadium has a capacity of 75,000 seats. Although the capacity was reduced, Olympia is the largest football stadium in Germany that ranks in category 4 based on various indicators of infrastructure (based on European Football Associations (UEFA)). This is the highest-level category for a stadium.

Olympia park was built for an Olympics arena in 1972 and now it is one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Berlin. Currently Olympia park often become a venue for events such as music concerts, circus, art exhibitions, and other sporting events.

Map to Olympia park Stadium


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