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Hawaii word may be familiar to you, but the island of Oahu perhaps not everyone knows.

Oahu is the third largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, the island is one of the many islands of Hawaii that able to attract world’s attention because the natural beauty is so amazing. Facilities offered in the islands of Oahu is also very complete.

Oahu Island is not the largest island among the islands of Hawaii, even so the island is the most densely populated. besides, Oahu also has Honalulu city, the capital of Hawaii.

Oahu Island is very interesting to visit. Especially for those who love swimming and surfing. Supported by the presence of several famous attractions such as Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

Oahu Island temperatures is warm enough in summer around 24-27 degrees Celsius, That’s why not infrequently we can easily meet residents of Hawaii who wearing mini dresses like tanktop, ucanse shirt, shorts or just a piece of cloth and flip-flops. Surfing season usually lasts from November to February, and every December normally held international surfing competition.

Map to Oahu Island

Pictures of Oahu Island

Picture of Oahu Island

Picture of Oahu Island (fergystravel)


Oahu Island View

Oahu Island View (ohanafun)


Oahu Island Sea Water

Oahu Island Sea Water (deviantart)


Oahu Island Hawaii

Oahu Island Hawaii


Beauty of Oahu Island

Beauty of Oahu Island (wallpaperscraft)


Oahu Island Beach

Oahu Island Beach (hiltonhawaiianvillage)


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