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monsters waves nazare


Nazare is a coastal city in Portugal that facing the Atlantic Ocean. Nazare Beach is well known throughout the world as a place where professional surfers conquer the power of the biggest waves on earth.

Sea Waves of the Nazare has a height of 30 meters which makes it look like a tsunami. With its super big size, No wonder if surfers dubbed it as the “The Monster Waves.” Perhaps this is the most challenging surfing spots and most dangerous in the world.

Nazare’s monster waves attract surfers from around the world, For novice surfers it is not recommended to surf there, Only those who have enough experiences who should test to ride on the monsters waves of Nazare.

As a tourist spot, the big waves is an exciting entertainment for the Fishermen and locals of the village of Nazare. Many residents cometo watch the giant waves toward the shore. How Nazaré managed to generate giant waves consequently like that? The answer lies in the underwater geography of Nazare. Right off the coast of Nazare contains largest underwater abyss in Europe, called the Nazaré Canyon.

Nazare beach has brown sand beaches that are widely used for sunbathing. Along the coast there built luxury resorts. Despite having a powerful ocean waves, the beach is still crowded with many tourists and become one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Portugal.

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Pictures of Nazare Beach

nazare beach

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nazare beach portugal

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nazare beach aerial view

nazare beach aerial view (askbeach)


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monsters waves nazare

monsters waves nazare


Monsters Waves of Nazare Beach

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extreme surfer of nazare portugal

extreme surfer of nazare portugal

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