Nyiaj so koobtsheej koj caij ntuj no hauv cov teb chaws Europe qaum teb Christmas Resorts tsev neeg muaj kev


  Winter and Christmas are two things that can’t be separated. When the Christmas holiday is coming, family time is worth to have. If you want to experience the beautiful Christmas with the snow and northern lights, you can come to the Northern Europeans countries that will give you the best holiday ever. Finland and Norway are the best recommendation

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Cenang puam, Malaysia – tej chaw thiab dej num uas tau ua

Cenang puam

  Being as the busiest beach town in island of Langkawi, Cenang puam, Malaysia is the place full of diverse attractions, restaurants, shopping centers and cafes. Located only 10 minutesdrive from the airport in Langkawi, this beach town has been being popular holiday destination for families and honeymooners. The water is beautiful featuring white sands and transparent water with

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