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Have you ever traveled to Switzerland? If you haven’t, you better plan your traveling properly before going there. Even though it is included as small country, you would be amazed with many beautiful spots that are worth visiting in this country. Plan and know well the places to be visited. There are numerous lakes which will be excellent place to refresh your mind and take some pictures with friends or family. In order to help you find the best spots to visit, so, here are five must visit place in Switzerland.

Explore the Following Five Places in Switzerland

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva


The first must visit place in Switzerland is Lake Geneva. This lake is included as one of Europe’s largest lake. Lake Geneva is on Rhone river course on frontier between Switzerland and France. When you go to this lake, you could also visit some other places around the lake. Aside from Geneva city, you may want to visit another destination in this region such as Haute Savoie French department or Vaud Swiss canton. In the north you will see Jura Mountain and in the southwest there is Alps, while the center part is hilly plain.

• Jungfrau Region

switzerland - Jungfrau

switzerland – Jungfrau


The next place is Jungfrau Region. This region must be visited when you are in Switzerland. It is popular both in winter and summer. This region is accessible for different travelers’ types. The railway network is already extensive, while bike and foot paths are also well-maintained. If you want to climb the mountains or go for skiing, you should come to Jungfrau Region. It has four towns which are picturesque including Murren, Grindelwald, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen as well as three mountains of Mönch, Jungfrau, and Eiger.

• Zermatt

switzerland - Zermatt

switzerland – Zermatt


Another must visit place in Switzerland is Zermatt. Due to the proximity to Matterhorn as one of the highest mountains in Switzerland, Zermatt becomes famous of being the place for mountaineering and skiing. This small town provides the travelers with cable cars as well that can whisk you up surrounding the mountains. In summer, many hikers come here, while in winter, this place will be full of skiers. It is very good places for walking since the vehicle that uses gasoline is not permitted here.

• Lausanne

switzerland - Lausanne

switzerland – Lausanne


You should also visit Lausanne when you are traveling to Switzerland. It is one of the scenic cities on the Lake Geneva and a home for International Olympic Committee. Besides, this place is gateway to several ski slopes which are the best in the world. Lausanne is also well-known of having some popular writers including the Shelleys, Ernest Hemmingway, and Lord Byron.

• Zurich

switzerland - Zurich

switzerland – Zurich


It would be incomplete if you miss Zurich as the largest city in this country. The travelers should come to this place, especially those who are interested in culture. Zurich provides you more than one hundred galleries of art and over fifty museums to be visited. You can try riding a boat on Lake Zurich to enjoy beautiful scenery around or hiking in nearby mountains. It would be fun and unforgettable moment in your life. Do not miss Swiss National Museum as well which is located in fairytale castle.

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