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Mount Popa


Mount Popa which means mountain flowers in Burmese is one of the most popular tourist spot located 50 km from the ancient city of Bagan. the mountains itself is an inactive volcanic mountain. The last eruption occurred estimated about 300 to thousands of years ago.

Now, a natural phenomenon that occurred hundreds of years ago has made this mountain have a shape of a horseshoe. The travelers visiting this place can watch the mount crater mountain by climbing from the north side.

Mount Popa from a distance looks like only have one peak. In fact, this mountain has several peaks, which has high 1500 meters above sea level, 1400 meters above sea level, and 1300 meters above sea level. On the south side there is a pretty steep valley where the highest peak known as the Taung Ga Lat.

In addition to factors related to the geological and beautiful natural scenery, the Mount Popa also keeps mystery that believed by residents who live there. The Mountain believed as the residence of the ancestors (nat).

The location called as the Taung Ga Lat believed by local community as a place where the spirits of ancestors lived. This belief is a hereditary legacy that has been believed by local residents since Anawrahta king was in rule.

On the summit of Taung Ga Lat there is a temple where you have to climb 777 stairs to get there. When visitors reach this location they will encounters colony of monkeys that make this place as their habitat.

Map to Mount Popa

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Picture of mount popa

Picture of mount popa (


Mount Popa

Mount Popa (wikipedia)


mount popa - Myanmar

mount popa – Myanmar (travyde)


Monkey of mount popa

Monkey of mount popa (bagandaytours)


inside temple of mt popa

inside temple of mt popa (wikipedia)


inside temple of mount popa

inside temple of mount popa


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