Nijo замокот Кјото – Неверојатниот архитектура дизајнирана за војна

Nijo замокот Фото

  Japan has been known as a castle country. It refers to the number of castles across this country that is basically quite a lot. Among the most popular castles, Nijo Castle in the center of Kyoto is regularly visited by a lot of local and international tourists every year. This is among the most original castles in Japan that

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Истражуваат Смртта во Минг гробници – Кина

Минг гробници света начин

  There were 16 emperors of the Ming Dynasty but only 13 emperors buried in Ming Tombs. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty are buried in the Xiaoling Tomb in Nanjing, Жу Yunwen вториот императорот на династијата Минг исчезна и никој не знае каде е неговиот гроб, и Жу Qiyu трети императорот на династијата Минг,

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MERRY CEMETERY (Sapanta) – Colorful Cemetery of Romania

Most Unique Cemetery in the World

  Normally, Cemeteries are dominated by dark colors and spooky aura, but something completely different can be met in the Merry Cemetery. Merry Cemetery is one of the most unique and colorful cemeteries in the world. Merry Cemetery is located in the village of Sapanta, Romania and it is one of the cemetery that looks different than the traditional ones.

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