MERRY CEMETERY (Sapanta) – Colorful Cemetery of Romania

Most Unique Cemetery in the World


Normally, Cemeteries are dominated by dark colors and spooky aura, but something completely different can be met in the Merry Cemetery. Merry Cemetery is one of the most unique and colorful cemeteries in the world.

Merry Cemetery is located in the village of Sapanta, Romania and it is one of the cemetery that looks different than the traditional ones. the difference can be seen at the striking colors on each headstone.

Merry Cemetery area has about 800 colorful cross-shaped tombstones decorated with paintings depicting the life story, secret, or at the last moment of the died person. You will be amazed if been there, Because You can see many unique headstones, such as headstone with pictures of soldiers who were beheaded, the man who was hit by a truck, etc. Not infrequently accompanied by silly writings like “Under this heavy cross lie my poor mother-in-law, do not wake her, because if she returned home she would bite my head off”.

The idea of ​​this unique tombs is came from Dacia’s believe that death is only a part of a new and better life. so they consider death is not a tragedy or a sad thing because they believe that the dead ones will soon meet with the supreme god, Zalmoxis. The cemetery cheerful picture symbolizes that death should be welcomed with joy.

This unique tradition was firstly started by Ioan Stan Patras. The man who was born in Sapanta in 1908 who works as a tombstone maker for Local cemetery since he was 14 years old. In 1935, Patras began making crosses carved with images related to history of the dead person, accompanied by satirical poems in the local dialect.

Ioan Stan Patras later died in 1977. His cross carved and written by Dumitru Pop, his most talented employee. Dumitru continue the work of Patras during the last three decades and managed to make it a living museum visited by many tourists everyday. More suprisingly, until now, family who objected to the ‘work of art’ created by the Patras or Dumitru.

Merry cemetery now has become one of the most in demand destination for tourists, by paying $1 for admission fee you can get into this cemetery area. There you can see direcly how unique are is landscape of Merry Cemetery.

Map to Merry Cemetery

Pictures of Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

Merry Cemetery of Sapanta (huffpost)


Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery (weebly)


Cemetery of Sapanta, Romania

Cemetery of Sapanta, Romania (enjoyourholiday)


Most Unique Cemetery in the World

Most Unique Cemetery in the World (wikipedia)


Tombstone of Merry Cemetery

Tombstone of Merry Cemetery (


Tombstone of Merry Cemetery

Tombstone of Merry Cemetery (weebly)


Unique Tombstone of Merry Cemetery

Unique Tombstone of Merry Cemetery (thetravelclub)


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