Earth always have amazing miracles. One of them is located in the second largest freshwater lake in Patagonia, Chile. Here, The Wonder of the world have exists as a cave, amazing cave called the Marble Cave.

Marble Cave of Chile is very unique because it has a marble wall that formed naturally, moreover it also has very clear blue water. lights reflected to the wall of the cave create a stunning light show.

Marble Cave structure consists of chambers, tunnels, and the pillars that formed from monoliths marble formed by waves during more than 3000 years. Visitors can see the cave’s by entering it using small boat or kayak, but if only when the weather is good, and the water is calm.

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Map to Marble Cave of Chile

Pictures of Marble Cave of Chile

Marble Cave

Marble Cave


Marble Cave Chile

Marble Cave Chile


Inside Marble Cave

Inside Marble Cave (


Marble Cave of Chile

Marble Cave of Chile (


Cave of Marble

Cave of Marble (


Magnificent Marble Cafe of Chile

Magnificent Marble Cafe of Chile (

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