Dolphins of Lovina Beach


Traveling to the Bali island is not only about Sanur or Kuta Beach, There also a lovely place to visit called Lovina Beach. Lovina is a beautiful beach in Bali which has main attraction dolphins that live naturally and appear every day. Dolphin appear in the morning starting at 6am until approximately 9am.

Lovina beach as habitat where dolphins live is the main attraction why many people visit the place, because when you traveling to the Lovina beach, you should not need to go far away into the sea, just about 1 km from the Lovina seashore, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the dolphins. the number of dolphins around the Bali Lovina Beach area is about hundreds, and if you want to enjoy the dolphin attraction then you have to go to the sea by renting a fishing boat around.

In addition to seeing the dolphins, at this Lovina beach you can also have snorkeling or diving. in the Lovina beach there are many kinds of ornamental fish which occupies its original beautiful coral reef area.

Lovina Beach sand is black, in contrast to the white sand beach of Kuta Beach. Waves of Lovina Beach low and the wind blows gently made the feeling of comfortable and relaxed. Because the waves are quiet, that is why visitors could rent a fishing boat and travel down to the sea.

To get to Lovina Beach from Denpasar the distance is approximately 100 kilometers and takes approximately 2 hours journey. There are many available cheap hotels near Lovina Beach from the cheap to luxury ones. Renting the boat to see dolphins in Lovina Beach priced about Rp.60,000 with a maximum of 5 people in one boat.

Map to Lovina Beach

Pictures of Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach Bali

Lovina Beach Bali (beautytour)


Dolphin of Lovina Beach

Dolphin of Lovina Beach (holiday-holiday.com)


Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach (beautifulbalitours)


Dolphins of Lovina Beach

Dolphins of Lovina Beach


Lovina Beach at Sunset

Lovina Beach at Sunset (beautytour)

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