Mount SemeruTrip to Highest Active Volcano in Java

On Top of Mount Mahameru / Semeru (triptrus)

  Mount Semeru is one of the most beautiful mount in Indonesia. It is an active volcano located in East Java. Mount Semeru known as the highest mountain in Java. Mount Semeru also known as Mahameru, meaning ‘The Great Mountain in local dialect. The name itself derived from the local mythical believe about Meru or Sumeru, the abode of gods. Eruptions


Mount KerinciTravel to Highest Mount of Sumatra

Mount Kerinci

  Mount Kerinci is an amazing spot which is the highest volcano in Indonesia, it also the highest peak on the island of Sumatra. Mount Kerici located inside a Great National Park, called Kerinci Seblat National Park, Mount Kerinci and its park is home to endemic endangered species such as Sumatran tiger and Sumatran rhinoceros. Mount Kerinci located between two



View from schilthorn

  Switzerland is known as the Land of the Alps. Bordered by France, ເຢຍລະມັນ, Italy and Austria, Switzerland provides the most stunning panoramic views of the Alps. Although it is a small country, Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, it is not surprising why many tourists love to having holiday in Switzerland. There are many tourist


Complete Information About MOUNT POPA (Myanmar)

Mount Popa

  Mount Popa which means mountain flowers in Burmese is one of the most popular tourist spot located 50 km from the ancient city of Bagan. the mountains itself is an inactive volcanic mountain. The last eruption occurred estimated about 300 to thousands of years ago. Now, a natural phenomenon that occurred hundreds of years ago has made this mountain


MOUNT AI PETRI (Ukraine) – Hidden Wonders of The World

beautiful scenery on top ai-petri

  The adventurous spirit definitely want to go to this place, located in Ukraine, Rock Mount Ai-Petri and beautiful views of the city below is truly captivating. To enjoy the panoramic beauty of the mountains in the Ai-Petri, you firstly need to pass a wooden bridge over the ravine. Although Mount Ai-Petri is not so well known, but those who

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