Imposibble Millau Viaduct Bridge (France)

Millau Viaduct Bridge

  Millau Viaduct Bridge was founded to alleviate the kilometers-long of traffic congestionin every year that makes traffic jams happened as the tourists make their way in south during the summer, going the valley into a Millautown that became a popular jamming in the A75 auto route. The construction in this place was quite difficult as that region that is


Things You Have to Know about Great Belt Fixed Link (Denmark)

Great Belt Fixed Link

  The Great Belt Fixed Link is one of the best suspension bridges that you can find in Denmark. This amazing bridge, which is also known well as the Vestbroen Bridge, is created by Dissing+Weitling in order to cross the Great Belt Straight. In other words, it will be able to connect the Danish Island of Zealand and Funen. ດັ່ງນັ້ນ


ຄວາມຮູ້ສຶກ thrill ໃນການໄປຢ້ຽມຢາມຖາມຄົນຂອງປິດໄດ້


  Looking at the old buildings in Edinburgh, you’ll know that you can find many attractions that you can visit in there. One of them is Mary King’s Close, a famous building in Edinburgh that has a historical value. The building is named after Mary King, the daughter of Alexander King who is famous to have some important properties around


ອະນຸສາວລີ Scott – ອະນຸສາວລີ incredible ສໍາລັບ Sir Walter Scott

ອະນຸສາວລີ Scott

  There are many historical places in Edinburgh and one of the famous historical spots that are visited by many people is Scott Monument. This is known as Victorian Gothic monument which has been built for Scottish author named Sir Walter Scott. The monument has magnificent details that you can leave you with great impression. It is so impressive that


St. ວິຫານ Giles ' (Edinburgh) – A ພັນປັດຈຸບັນປະຫວັດສາດ Incridible


  St. GilesCathedral or High Kirk of Edinburgh is a tourism spot that you can visit in Royal Mile. The place is also known as a Church for a long time and now, you have an opportunity to witness the greatness of the Cathedral on your own. The architecture of the Cathedral is so amazing that you will see


Mosque ແຫ່ງຊາດຂອງມາເລເຊຍ – ກົວລາລໍາເປີ

Mosque ແຫ່ງຊາດຂອງມາເລເຊຍ

  ຈໍານວນຫຼາຍປະຊາຊົນໄດ້ເປັນທີ່ຮູ້ຈັກທີ່ mosque ເປັນສະຖານທີ່ສໍາລັບການທັງຫມົດຂອງ Moslems ການອະທິຖານ. ຢ່າງໃດກໍຕາມ, ມັນ turns ໃຫ້ເຫັນເປັນທັນສະໄຫມໄດ້ມາໃນ; the function of mosque is not mainly for praying need only. That can be simply seen from the National Mosque of Malaysia. Yes, this place is considered as one of the biggest and best

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