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Hangzhou is an exotic city in China that have million natural beauty and distinctive culture of ancient Chinese society. Its presence as a center for natural attractions has managed to attract millions of tourists to come to visit it every day. One of the best attractions owned Hangzhou is a magnificent temple of Ling Yin.

Ling Yin Temple is one of the 10 largest Buddhist temples in China. Ling Yin is a very famous temple in China, since 1993 UNESCO has nominated it as a world cultural heritage. Lingyin Temple is located in the Yangtze River delta region and praised for the beauty and peacefulness of the surrounding environment. Lingyin Temple location is hidden beneath the shade of the forest with a variety of plants and trees which thrive around the valley and the hills. Ling Yin Temple surely located in a special place because it was built on an narrow long valley. Exactly between Fei Lai Feng Hill and Guoziding Hill, in the northern region of the Lake of Hangzhou.

Various buildings and pagodas built during the Song, Ming, and Tang Dynasti preserved in this closed area. The library has collection of scripts of Buddha ideology, as well as other historical objects, complements this beautiful house of worship. Thats why the observer of the history of Buddhism in China always obtain complete records of the past from this place.

The temples, inscriptions, pagoda, stone caves, as well as the statue of Buddha at Ling Yin Temple is so special. Upon entering the first room of the temple, there is an inscription bearing the name of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Not far from the exit gate, there is a pagoda as high as 9 meters with eight levels filled by inscription records, Built in 960 and referred as the oldest building in the Ling Yin temple area.

Ling Yin Temple consists of nine main buildings, 18 Pavilions, as well as various types of rooms that reached around 72 units, that save some collection of historical heritage.

One of the best and fun way to enjoy the wonderful charm of ancient cultures along the Ling Yin temple are sightseeing and touring down every corners of its territory. As far as the eye can see there are a variety of types of objects to and amazing features that enrich the China’s history and culture in the city of Hangzhou.

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Pictures of Ling Yin Temple

Statues of Lingyin Temple

Statues of Lingyin Temple (chinamaps)


Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple


Lingyin Temple Cave

Lingyin Temple Cave (wikipedia)


Ling Yin

Ling Yin (wikipedia)


Budha Statue inside Lingyin Temple

Budha Statue inside Lingyin Temple (hexagontravel)


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