Langjokull – Iceland, a country that is often called the land of ice is a country that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Many attractions you can explore when you are visiting the country, One of the best is Langjokull glacier. Langjokull glacier means long glacier in local language. Langjokull glacier has a length of 50km and width of 15-20km. Only a small amount of water flowing on the surface of Langjokull glacier, massive water flow below Langjokull glacier is one of the suppliers of Thingvallavatn, the biggest lake in Iceland.

Langjokull is the second largest ice cap in Iceland, after Vatnajökull. At Langjokull glacier of Iceland you will not only offered the beauty of vast white icecap, another extraordinary thing of Langjokull glacier is the Langjokul Ice Cave.

Langjokull ice cave is the latest tourist attractions in Iceland, opened on June 1, 2015. The cave is very beautiful with the exotic appearance of the frozen ices. Once inside the ice cave of Langjokull we can see ices that already hundreds of years old. The farther and deeper we go inside the cave, the ices age is getting older, and the color changed from white to dark blue. in the cave you will be amazed with the beautiful blue atmosphere of glacier, here you will also find a bridge that was built for the visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of this cave. In the Cave there some LED lights guide visitors in the cave. There are several small caves and chambers inside Langjokull Ice Cave, even there is a wedding chapel that can be used for weddings, some other rooms even can be rented.

To be able to feel the sensation of ‘Frozen travel’ to the Ice Cave of Langjokull, you only need to pay about US $140. Langjokull Ice Cave is one the most unique places you must visit if you’re in Iceland. don’t miss it!

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