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In Zhejiang Province, China, there is a very beautiful lake called Lake Qiandao. This lake is not like normal lake that formed naturally, but there is human intervention in the process of formation. lake Qiandao was formed after the Chinese government build Xin’an River hydroelectric station in 1959, At that time there was a massive flood that filled the valley at Lake Qiandao area.

Lake Qiandao is one of the tourist attractions in China that has a lot of islands, each island has its unique name, such as monkeys island, birds island, horse island, lion island, and so forth. Lake Qiandao scenery is very charming and able to make every visitors amazed, both local and international. this area is surrounded by mountains and covered with bold vegetation, rich of wood sources and other variety of natural sources.

There are about 1,000 islands in Lake Qiandao. Almost the entire island used as tourist attractions. However, the uniqueness of Lake Qiandao does not end there. Something under the lake even more interesting, and guaranteed can make you stunned. Visiting Lake Qiandao is like a historical tour to an ancient city, amazingly the ancient city is located underwater.


Before the Lake Qiandao exist, there were two magnificent ancient cities, Shi Cheng and He Cheng. Shi Cheng city was built over 1,300 years ago, while he Cheng are older compared to Shi Cheng. Formerly, these two cities is a business center. in 1959 the city was sinked because of flood. Nearly after 40 years both cities were forgotten. Recently in 2001 the government of China reopened the sunken ancient city through many divers that deployed to rediscover the two lost cities.

Dive into the Lake Qiandao is like diving into an underwater kingdom. From a distance we can see the city gate and the whole building still intact, there almost no serious damage on the buildings. Archaeologists find 265 statues in the ancient cities of Lake Qiandao. The underwater city size is 62 times size of a football field. The beautiful view of the city is located at a depth of 25 to 40 meters under water. Currently, Lake Qiandao underwater cities is one of most favorite diving spots in the world, Many divers from around the world visit these ancient city to see it Directly.

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Pictures of Lake Qiandao

Lake Qiandao

Lake Qiandao (


Lake Qiandao Underwater

Lake Qiandao Underwater (inhabitat)


Diving at Lake Qiandao

Diving at Lake Qiandao (inhabitat)


Ancient Statues under Lake Qiandao

Ancient Statues under Lake Qiandao (


Ancient City of Lake Qiandao

Ancient City of Lake Qiandao (dailymail)


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