Lake of Geneva


In Switzerland, particularly in the city of Geneva, There are many beautiful landscapes to see. Starting from exotic and antique buildings, as well as beautiful nature scenery. Supported by friendly weather of Switzerland make us do not get tired in traveling around in the city of Geneva. So fresh, so beautiful, and less noise. Beside so many beautiful places in city of Geneva, one of the most favorite tourist icon of Geneva
that you must see is the lake.

Lake Of Geneva or commonly called as Lac Leman in French is the largest lake in West Europe with an area of ​​about 582 square kilometers. From the height, the lake looks like a moon sickle. It is really a wonderful place to visit in switzerland.

lake of geneva with its natural beauty is the main attraction in Geneva. Before visiting, it’s good for you understand what to do in lake geneva ?. in the lake of Geneva you can swim or just relax at side of the lake. To enjoy the view of the city, you can spend one or two hours taking a boat trip on the lake of geneva. another special what to do in lake geneva is yachting. If you been in the lake of geneva, the most exciting thing to do is rent a private boat and enjoy beautiful scenery from above the lake.

In one corner of lake of geneva there is a stunning Water Fountain (Jet d’eau). We can enjoy the Water Fountain while relaxing on the bank of the lake during the day and it will be more romantic when viewed at night, scattered multicolored spotlights, This fountain can be seen from the edge of the lake Lake of Geneve. Lake of Geneva and the water fountain is the symbol of the city of Geneva. The area around lake of geneva usually crowded by tourist on weekends, many people sitting relaxed on the benches provided.

Do You want to know WHERE IS LAKE GENEVA?, See The Map Below:

Pictures of Lake of Geneva


Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva


Water Fountain of Lake Geneva

Water Fountain of Lake Geneva (


Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva (


Beautiful Lake Geneva

Beautiful Lake Geneva (travelalltogether)


Lake Geneva Switzerland

Lake Geneva Switzerland (everettpotter)

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