Lake Beratan, Bedugul


In Bali, there is a fairly well-known attraction called Lake Beratan. The lake is also called as Lake Bedugul because it is located in ​​Bedugul Area, precisely in the Village Candikuning Baturiti of Tabanan regency, Approximately 55 km from the city of Denpasar. Lake Beratan is well known as one of the best tourist destinations in Bali, Almost every day the place always crowded by tourists, Even at the low season.

Lake Beratan somewhat special because it is located near the province line connecting Denpasar-Singaraja. The Location of Lake Beratan also not far from the Eka Karya Botanical Garden, Thats why many tourists who come to visit this area, make Lake Beratan as one of the must visited place in Bali.

Lake Beratan is located in the hilly region which has cool air. The atmosphere is still very natural because it is far from the urban areas and lack of vehicle gas emition. Many visitors having holiday in this lake by fishing, take pictures, and see the scenery of beautiful nature. Beratan Lake of Bali is a very perfect place for pre-wedding photo scene due to its extraordinary scenery.

In Lake Beratan area you can enjoy the beauty of nature and row of hills on the outskirts of the lake. In addition, you can rent a boat or use a canoe to explore the lake. In the lake area also facilitated with adequate accommodation such as hotels, villas, restaurants for the convenience of visitors.

At the end of Lake Beratan there is a very beautiful temple named Pura Ulun Danu built around the beginning of the 17th century to worship the Goddess Danu (Goddess of water / goddess of fertility). Characteristic owned by Pura Ulun Danu can be seen from its 11 levels roof. the roof is a symbol of Hindu’s believe in three deities, namely Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.

To get into the area of ​​Lake Beratan visitors have to pay a ticket for Rp10,000.00. This temple is open to tourist visits between 08.00 to 18:00. However, when the area is foggy, it will be closed for visitors to avoid unwanted incidents.

Map to Lake Beratan

Pictures of Lake Beratan

Lake Beratan and it's Pura Ulun Danu

Lake Beratan and it’s Pura Ulun Danu (balambalivilla)


Lake Beratan Bali Sunset

Lake Beratan Bali Sunset (balihellotravel)


Lake Beratan, Bedugul

Lake Beratan, Bedugul (guideinbali)


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