Lake Batur in Bali


Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali, This lake located on an altitude of 1,050 above sea level. The Lake Batur water is very natural because it comes from rainwater and flowing water from mountain forests.

Lake Batur in Kintamani has stunning natural beauty. Lake Batur is surrounded by mountains covered with tall trees provide a lot of coolness. Lake Batur is included in the category of lakes with active caldera formed by an eruption of Mount Batur thousands of years ago. if seen from a height, the lake’s shape is like a crescent moon, where the length is 7 km and the width is 2.5 km.


Beside used as a tourist area, Lake Batur is also used as a source of biodiversity of various land and water biota. There is a variety of fish that grow in the lake water of Lake Batur, That is why you can go fish freely. The high biodiversity of Lake Batur area makes UNESCO interested and establish it as one of International Global Geopark Network.

In Lake Batur there is a tourist attraction called Penelokan. In the Balinese language, the word Penelokan means ‘to look’. Penelokan located in Kedisan village, This area offers extraordinary beautiful mountain scenery and cool atmosphere during the day and night.

On the side of Lake Batur there is a thermal bath. According to the story, the natural hot water can cure various skin diseases. The Hot water comes from springs close to Mount Batur.

The evening at Lake Batur will be cold and it will be very good if you spare your time to stay or climb the mountain and watch the sunrise, cheap lodgings are widely available here, ranging from five-stars hotels to the simple home stay, You can choose in accordance with your budget allocation.

On the west side of the lake Batur there is an oldest village in Bali called ‘Trunyan’. Trunyan is so famous for its unique funeral ritual for died people. They did not bury the bodies of the deceased but placed and left it alone on the ground. although there are so many corpse in the funeral area, but the scent is ok and you wouldn’t smell any bad odor. People believe that the Taru Menyan trees surround able to neutralize the scent.

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Lake Batur View

Lake Batur View (


Lake Batur

Lake Batur (mybalikintamani)


Lake Batur in Bali

Lake Batur in Bali (balidutaasiatour)


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